At SlidesonCD we scan photographic slides to digital images.

Based in Farnham, Surrey, we have over 15 years experience in safeguarding your 35mm slides, by scanning and transferring them to CD, DVD or USB data stick as a series of jpg files.  Many old transparencies become damaged by mould, so it is worth preserving them before they become unviewable.  We can provide extra copies of the CD, DVD or USB data stick for your family and friends.

Whether you are sending the slides, or bringing them yourself, please make sure to include an order form, which you can download below.  The order form will show us exactly how you would like the scans to be arranged on the CD, DVD or USB data stick.

If you are planning to bring them please ring us first on 0771 332 2290 to make sure someone will be available when you come.  We recommend using the directions below, as satnavs normally recommend a route that includes a bad unmade road!