Slides on CD is a Division of Cleaford Services

  • Cleaford Services cannot reproduce images for which you have not obtained copyright clearance (where required).  We accept no liability whatsoever for any breach of copyright.

  • Whilst we endeavour to scan images the correct way up we do not guarantee this, as it is not always possible for us to determine the orientation.  For the avoidance of doubt, customers should mark slides with an ‘up arrow’ to indicate the top and the side from which they are to be viewed.

  • All originals and reproductions remain the private property of the customer. Your images will not be displayed by us or provided to third parties.

  • All originals will be returned in the same condition as received. In the unlikely event that the originals become damaged or lost as a direct result of mishandling on our behalf, Cleaford Services will only accept liability for the cost of an equivalent amount of unexposed film and reimbursement of costs to process that film.

  • Cleaford Services will not be held responsible for lost or misdirected mail.

  • We reserve the right to recover extra charges levied by our couriers in the event of redelivery becoming necessary or deliveries being required outside working hours

  • We do not provide a cleaning or repair service, and will scan materials in the condition they are received by us.

  • Where old mounts have come apart due to failure of glue, etc. we will need to remount in plastic in order to scan.  Remounting will be at the customer’s risk.

  • In the case of very dark images our scanner may not be able to distinguish between the dark area and the slide frame, and therefore not scan the dark areas.  We are unable to control this and do not accept responsibility for incomplete or cropped scans of such images.

  • We do not warrant the viewing ability nor the appearance of the images on your computer. ‘Lightness’ and ‘darkness’ can vary between different computer monitors and we do not offer any adjustment for this. A dark slide will result in a dark scan, and a light slide will result in a light scan.

  • Customer data may be viewed by professionals in the course of accounting and regulatory supervision. We do not sell or pass on lists of our customers.

  • Cleaford Services assumes no other liabilities or warranties, expressed or implied.